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Candidates Running for Elections 2015

Canidates 2015

SMAMUN Executive Council 2015



Selected Candidate

President A2-Arts-2013-15 10545 Sikandar Ali Hashmi
Director General A2-Arts-2013-15 10655 Zain Ul Abideen
Secretary General A2-Arts-2013-15 10543 Shehriyar Ahmed Kamal
Treasurer A2-Arts-2013-15 10586 Sharoon Bakhshi


Selected Candidate

Under President 12-Silver 10603 Usama Ahmed
A2-Sciences-2013-15 10550 Hasnain Naseer
General Secretary As-Sciences-2014-16 10888 Muhammad Zohaib Asif
Deputy Treasurer A2-Arts-2013-15 15725 Zara Ahmed
Under Director General As-Sciences-2014-16 13448 Sarosh Ansar
12-Silver 14084 Mahmood Ali Zaidi

Directorate SMAMUN XI



Department Director Assistant Director
Class Roll #. Name Class Roll #. Name
Media A2-Sciences-2013-15 13674 Tabseem Ahmed Qureshi 11-White 16165 Hamza Umer
As-Sciences-2014-16 12498 Abdur Raafay Abrar 11-Silver 16133 Abdullah Arif Kiani
I.T. A2-Sciences-2013-15 10515 Affan Mustafa Chohan A2-Sciences-2013-15 14070 Hassnain Ali
Delegate Services A2-Sciences-2013-15 15736 Syed Asad Abbas A2-Sciences-2013-15 15729 Ibsan Seith Mall
11-White 16143 Ahmed Habib
Public Relations A2-Arts-2013-15 10921 Usama Nawab Khan 10-M-Green 11502 Abdullah Najam Qureshi
A2-Arts-2013-15 10541 Irtaza Ahmed
Volunteers 12-Silver 10581 Taimoor Aamir
A2-Sciences-2013-15 10657 Muhammad Haaris Khan
Logistics A2-Sciences-2013-15 10508 Sheikh Danial Fiaz 11-White 16142 Hassan Ul Haq
12-Silver 10514 Adil Saleem As-Sciences-2014-16 12724 Daud Ghazi
Social Events 12-Silver 10551 Muhammad Zawar
A2-Sciences-2013-15 10933 Abdul Nafay
Accommodation A2-Sciences-2013-15 15718 Khaldoon Bin Asim Siddiqui As-Arts-2014-16 10828 Usman Nawaz
A2-Sciences-2013-15 15760 Ahmed Saleem
Marketing 11-White 15714 Burhan Tahir Shaikh As-Sciences-2014-16 14698 Abdullah Malik
As-Arts-2014-16 10501 Ahmed Subhani
Decor A2-Sciences-2013-15 10925 Huzaif Abbas As-Arts-2014-16 16176 Mahnoor Arshad
A2-Arts-2013-15 10606 Raja Hisham Taimoor A2-Arts-2013-15 10523 Muneeb Aamir
Registration As-Sciences-2014-16 10888 Muhammad Zohaib Asif As-Sciences-2014-16 10856 Muhammad Ahmed Ali
As-Arts-2014-16 12627 Raja Ardsher Saleem
Director Male Security 12-SILVER 10317 M. TAUSEEF QADIR MALIK

Updates For Executive Council of SMAMUN


  • All those A Level and F.Sc. students who want to be the part of Executive Council of SMAMUN should submit a personal statement to relevant coordinator till tomorrow (25th April 2013) before 9:00 am. It should contain the explanation that why you think that you are fit for the said position.
  • Tomorrow (25th April 2013), you should be present in front of Conference Room at 10:00 am for interview.
  • Those students, who cannot come tomorrow due to any valid reason, inform to the relevant coordinator till tomorrow (25th April 2013) before 9:00 am however, personal statement should be submitted as per schedule.


Supervisory   Committee

Saint Mary’s Model United Nations 2012

Saint Mary’s Academy gears up for the 8th annual SMAMUN conference, the largest school level conference of its kind in Pakistan. July 2 at 9:00am until July 5 at 9:00pm in UTC+06


Welcome, one and all, to this year’s Saint Mary’s Model United Nations! Promising to be another masterpiece by the incredibly talented and brilliant students of SMA, it’s an event you would not want to miss. So come on down to our beautifully scenic campus for the debating event of the year!
Saint Mary’s Academy Model United Nations (SMAMUN) is a prestigious, non- profit union headed by the student body at Saint Mary’s Academy, anticipating the highest quality of debate, endowing the participants with an insight on the workings of the United Nations (UN) and providing a chance to forge life-long associations and interact socially.

Ever since its inception in 2005, SMAMUN has the status of the being the second most successful Model United Nation organization in Pakistan, next to the leading Lahore University of Management Sciences Model United Nations (LUMUN).
Facebook Page

First ever school level MUN in Pakistan.
Second ever MUN in Pakistan( after LUMUN).
Pioneer of the Best Delegate Crisis Cell