Book List for AS Level 2014-2015

Saint Mary’s Academy
Book List for AS Level 2014-2015
Subject Book Name Edition Author Publisher
Mathematics Core Course Of A-Level Mathematics 3rd Bostock & Chadler Stanley Thornes
Additional Math 5th Hoo Soo Thong
Mechanics 3rd L. Bostock Stanley Thornes
Topical Past Papers (Unsolved) Riaz Taunsvi
Mathematics (Further Maths Group) Core Course Of A-Level Mathematics 3rd Bostock & Chadler Stanley Thornes
Concise Courser in A-Level Statistics 3rd J.Crawshaw, J chambers Stanley         Thornes
Mechanics 3rd L. Bostock Stanley Thornes
Chemistry Chemistry in Contest Hill Holman
AS and A Level Chemistry Erik Lewis and Martyn Berry Longman
AS,A2 Chemistry Cambridge Brian Ratcliff, Helen Eccles
Biology Cambridge learning AS and A Level 3rd Mary Jones, Richard Fosbery, Dennis taylor, Jennifer Gregory Cambridge University Press
Physics Pacific Physics A-Levels Volume 1 & 2 Pohlong Young Pan pacific
Physics Coursework David Sang Cambridge
As & A-level
Accounting A level Accounting H Randall Cambridge
Resource Pack Available from school
As level Accounting Muhammad Nouman Malik Read & Write Publication
Theory & Practice
Business Studies A S Level & A Level Business Studies 2nd Peter Stimpson and Alastair Farquharson Cambridge
AS Business Studies Guide Book 2nd Revised Edition Muhammad Awais Available from school
Resource Pack & Slides Syed Mubashir Hassan Available from school
Economics Structured Economics and Advanced Approach 2nd Revised Edition Naveed Iqbal Available from school
Economics Collin Bamford University of Cambridge
General Paper Writing talk paragraphs and short essays with reading 3rd Anthony C. Walker Dorhng Kindersely (India Pvt Ltd)
Psychology Key studies in psychology 4th Gross R(2003) Hodder Arnold
Introducing psychological research; seven studies that shape psychology 2nd Banyard,P.Grayson,A(2000) Palgrave
Urdu Umrao Jan Ada
Anarakali Syed Mumtaz Ali
Aangan Khadija Mastoor
Afsanvi adab (Stort Stories) Dr. Ali Mohammad
A level Sheri adab Dr. Ali Mohammad
Computing Cambridge International AS and A Level Computing Chrislead Better & Roger Black & Tony Piper University of Cambridge

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