CIE May/June 2017

Dear Parents,

Kindly note down the following points for the CIE examination May/June 2017 and make arrangements accordingly.

  • The students who are appearing for CIE must have their CNIC with them and those students who have not applied for CNIC till now are asked to apply as soon as possible. The candidates will not be allowed to appear for the examination without their CNIC/smartcard/ Passport. Smartcard is issued by Nadra for citizen of age under 18.
  • Exam Fee Bill due date will be 23rd January 2017.
  • March 2017 & April 2017 fee bills will be payable in March 2017.
  • May 2017 & June 2017 fee bills will be payable in April 2017.
  • Statement of entries will be issued in April 2017 after obtaining clearance from accounts office.
  • Only those students’ exam entries will be sent who will overall achieve 50%.
  • If a student pays fee (CIE Exam) but fails to qualify then fee will be refunded.
  • Just depositing fee does not give guarantee that exam entry is sent.
  • Deadlines should be followed strictly.

In case of any problem approval in advance must be obtained from the Principal.

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