Dear Parents And All St. Marians

Some of the senior staff members reported me the issue of Mr. Ajay Rao and Mrs. Seema Hassan on 17th September 2012. I called them to my office to inquire about it. They did not talk to the point. On 23rd September 2012, I gave them in writing to explain the matter to me in writing by 24th September 2012. Their answer again was not to the point and then Ajay told me that I am no one to ask them the explanation because he is the most senior teacher of the staff. Then I told them that if you don’t accept the authority of the Principal, I will form the inquiry committee who will go through the matter. Verbally they agreed but after having constituted the inquiry committee they refused to receive the letter and appear before it. Again on 28th September 2012, they were asked to appear before the inquiry committee but they did not. Then on 29th September I served them a show cause notice to appear before the committee, they refused to come to the office to receive it. On 1st October for the sake of justice the inquiry committee gave another chance to which they refused to appear before it.
On this serious misconduct the committee gave the recommendation to terminate them. In consultation with the Executive Secretary DBE the Principal as per Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) Service Rule 18.2.1 served them the termination letter which they refused to receive.

In case of any query please do not hesitate to contact.


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