Notice for students appearing in CIE May-June 2015

The practicals and written examination of CIE 2015 will be held at ACE International Academy, Phase II Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Timing and candidate rangers are given in the following table for all praticals.

Date Subject Reporting Time/ Candidate Ranges
7-May-2015 Chemistry 9701/33 0129 to 0155 at 8:00 am & 0156 to 0424 at 09:30 am
13-May-2015 Biology 9700/33 All candidates at 8:00 am
19-May-2015 Physics 9702/33 0125 to 0139 at 8:00 am & 0143 to 0242 at 09:30 am
26-May-2015 Biology 9700/34 All candidates at 8:00 am
2-June-2015 Chemistry 9701/34 All candidates at 8:00 am
4-June 2015 Physics 9702/34 All candidates at 8:00 am

Mobile phones, pagers, calculators cases/ instruction leaflets bags, books/notes, non-transparent pencil/ stationery cases, personal stereos, computers of any kind, programmable watches, palm top computers or any other kind of equipment are not allowed, if found or use anywhere within the exams centre premises will be confiscated and returned after the end of exam session.

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