Sad demise of Miss. Tess Flanagan

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Miss. Tess Flanagan passed away on Sunday, December 25, 2016. 

May her soul Rest in Peace.

The funeral service date and time will be informed later.

8 Responses to “Sad demise of Miss. Tess Flanagan”

  • Nazir Ahmed Minto says:

    – So sad to hear this news…am Lost for Words !!!
    She was a Lady who gave her whole life to Her Students !!
    She was always THERE !….for any of the Students…who was ever in trouble !!!

    May Her Soul Rest in Peace ‘…. Ameen !
    Nazir A.Minti

  • Shahid Nazir says:

    It saddens me !
    She was an awesome individual, a motherly figure to all students.
    It’s a great loss. She deserves highest honour as an educationist and philanthropist who dedicated her life to spread the light!
    May Almighty rest her soul in peace

    Shahid Nazir
    Class of 1981 (Matriculate)

  • Mahir Chaudhry says:

    A great teacher , sacrificed her whole life in field of education .
    She is above and beyond these awards and medals of recognitaion
    Rest In Peace

  • Bilal Ahmed says:

    Some teachers leave a lasting impression on one’s mind. This is especially true in the formative years as the mind is trying to make sense of the world around it.
    Ms. Tess Flanagan was such a teacher for me. She and her sister had devoted her life to shaping the minds of legions of children at St. Mary’s Academy in Rawalpindi.
    My salute to you Ms. Flanagan. I am sure you are checking my punctuation from up there. Hope I got it all right. RIP.

  • M. Anser Khan says:

    Miss Flanagan was the nicest and most understanding person I’ve known. She was so cool about things happening in the bursar’ office nothing could be wrong! And she had a memory like an modern day computer, I had not seen her in 2 decades but her memory will stay etched in my mind forever, a kind, gentle yet efficient soul. She will be missed. May God rest her soul. Amen

  • Sayeed Shaikh says:

    I went to school at the academy when Ms Tess Flanagan was the bursar. She will be missed deeply as her sister May. What a legacy they have left in those that they touched.

    Sayeed Shaikh

  • Saif Khan says:

    God Bless you

  • Maria murad says:

    May peace rest and soul